A Simple Guide to Roulette

Roulette means ‘small wheel’ in French In the American version of the game, a decision is made at the end of each round or roulette which is based on the number where the ball lands. Where the ball lands is where one of the 38 holes is positioned around the roulette table. On a roulette table each of these holes is numbered from 1 to 36 with a 00 at one end of the table and a 0 at the other end of the table.

To place a stake on roulette you need to place any number of chips against any one these numbers. If the ball lands on your chosen number for instance then you win 35 chips for each chip you had bet. It is important to have a wise strategy whenever you play roulette and it is recommended to bet on the same numbers every wheel spin so you can wait and see how often your particular numbers come up. For this reason the more experienced players tend to have their set of preferred or lucky numbers that they usually stick to at all times.

The simpler bets have better chances such as the 1:1 payouts. By 1:1 payouts it is meant that if you bet one chip and you won then you would get one extra chip back. This sort of payout is seen when betting on either of the two colours (Red or Black), even and odd numbers or numbers in the upper or lower half.

On roulette tables there is a grid of numbers and below that there are many options that you can choose. As mentioned earlier there are 36 numbers on the roulette table, they are referred to as the first twelve, second twelve and third twelve. If any stake is placed on these options and the bet is successful then a 2:1 payout will result. This means that a player will get back 2 chips for ever one he/she bets.

Finally, selecting a combination of numbers is the other way to bet. The single number payout is divided by the amount of numbers in the combination. For example the payout for one number is 35:1, for two numbers 17:1, three numbers 11:1 and for four, 8:1.

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