Live Casino Roulette etiquette

Roulette – a game of chance. Probably you have played this game at home typically with a smaller scale of the table and the roulette. Roulette is simple. The game starts by picking out a number, or guessing the colour (red, black, even or odd). Below are some guidance for you to play it live in a casino with style and perhaps winning big:

When for the first time walking to the roulette table and hoping to bet your luck, you start off by placing the value of your bet on the layout. Then, the dealer of that table will pass some chips for you to play with. Take note that there is a time interval to place bets. Don’t worry if you missed it. There’s always next round. In between each round of the game, 60 seconds will be given to participants to lay their bets. With the wheel spun, additional few seconds will be given to lay a bet and with the dealers’ hand raised and saying ‘no more bets’, participants shall stop placing the bet.

When the ball drops into either the red or the black slot on the wheel, the dealer will then place a kind of marker on the table that will correspond with the slot where the ball fell. Subsequently, losing bets will be taken by the dealer and winning bets will be paid off. The dealer will remove the marker and a new game starts. Participants at no time should touch the marker or they will be removed from the casino.

Here is some etiquette during game. Remain courteous at all times. Try avoiding knocking over your neighbour’s chips. Dealers are human as well. So please do speak to them with the respect they deserve. Same goes to your people around the table. Within some interval, do offer the dealer of the table some tips. This reflects manners and appreciation towards his effort.

Roulette means fun. But please maintain a control over oneself. Don’t get drunk or too excited. You wouldn’t like seeing a drunkard screaming on top of his voice while playing or puking over the table. Roulette requires manners while playing. It’s a gentlemen’s game.

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