Roulette Assault– Our #1 Reccomended Roulette System

Learn how ordinary people just like you are using 'Roulette Assault' Roulette Software to make thousands of dollars online

Last year we started receiving regular emails from customers about Roulette Assault the winning roulette software. The emails were all from delighted customers who had purchased Roulette Assault and then gone on to win thousands of dollars beating online casinos.

Some of these stories were so amazing we decided to check out the software ourselves to see if it was as good as some of the customers were claiming. One person even claimed to have won over $5,000 in two weeks using Roulette Assault.

We contacted the owner of the Roulette Assault software Vincent Severson and asked him if we could have a copy of the software so we could put it through some tests and write a review on it. Some owners can react negatively to this as they know it’s unlikely that their software will stand up to our tests.

However, Vincent was more than happy to let us review his software and even gave us access to the Roulette Assault t member’s area so we could download the software for free of charge. Vincent was confident that the Roulette Assault software would perform well in our tests and he explained how he also received regular testimonials from customers who have made massive amounts of money using hisRoulette Assault software.

Vincent explained how he employs full time developers to help him to develop his Roulette Assault software into the best roulette software available. As a Roulette Assault customer you will receive lifetime Roulette Assault upgrades and the most recent upgrades make Roulette Assault easier to use and include even more winning systems to ensure you get maximum profits from your playing time.

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Roulette Assault– Our #1 Reccomended Roulette System

If you want to play roulette but don't know how or if you've been playing roulette and losing money then Roulette Assault is for you. This is a proven system that has been put together by two people who have many, many years of experience. If you use Roulette Assault you will make money at the roulette table. However, exactly how much more money is still up in the air.

When you buy this system, you will be able to learn all about playing winning roulette. The information you get is like being able to open-up the mind of a 30-year roulette veteran. With Roulette Assault you'll not only learn how to win at roulette but you'll learn everything there is to know about the entire game.

Look, casinos make tons of money because gamblers lose tons of money. The casinos are very well aware when and how people lose money. Now you can know these secrets too and use them to your advantage. However, it's still up to you to learn all the information and then actually apply it.

Roulette Assault will teach you things like why you should never play at a packed table, how to play the odds so that you win every single time, and when it's best to play (time of the day) and how it all affects your winnings.

Best of all,Roulette Assault will have you playing winning roulette by teaching you how to adjust your strategy to fit with the table your playing and the current conditions. That is what I found to be most useful.

No roulette system works all the time and Roulette Assault is no exception to this rule. However the winnings you'll experience will be close to what's promised. In addition, just the information that's included with this roulette product makes it worth the read and worth the purchase.

There are some roulette systems out there that promise you big winnings. These systems basically rely on one technique to work. While some of the techniques might work most of the time, none of them work almost all of the time.Roulette Assault claims to work just about every single time – about 98% of the time. This is because it's based on solid techniques and proven theories. But I doubt it will work 98% of the time and it didn't for me. Still, these types of techniques are what the rich, full-time, high-rolling gamblers use. And now you can use them too.

Although it will take you some time to learn this system, we highly recommend it as you can earn a lot from using this product. Roulette Assault will make you money and that's backed-up by a money back guarantee if you don't make ten times what you paid for the system. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try Roulette Assault right now.

 Our Testing of Roulette Assault– Our #1 Reccomended Roulette System

During our testing Roulette Assault proved to us time and time again that it is every bit as impressive as everyone is making it. We trialed Roulette Assault for five half-an-hour sessions and the Roulette Assault software produced a profit in every trial.

1st session - $37 profit

2nd session - $22 profit

3rd session - $38 profit

4th session - $56 profit

5th session - $33 profit

Total Profit Using Roulette Assault for 2hrs 30 minutes = $186

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Real Customer Reviews on Roulette Assault Roulette Software:

We have received well over 50 emails from happy customers who have all won a decent amount of money using the Roulette Assault software below are just a selection of the emails that we have received.


I thought I would submit a testimonial about a roulette system I bought about 3 weeks a go. It’s called Roulette Assault Roulette Software and I purchased it from

I play a lot at online casinos and I have purchased a few roulette systems which did not work too well, I decided to buy Roulette Assault after seeing it advertised on Google Ad-Words.

I was a bit sceptical at first but I was intrigued because it was software and not an e-book like the other systems I had purchased. I was really impressed with the member’s area and they even provided live support if you had any problems downloading the software.

The most impressive point though is that the software actually works! After 3 weeks of using it for an hour or two a day I am about $650 up and so far I have only had one losing run with the software.

I thought I would send in this review so other people don’t waste their money on some of the other systems out there which simply don’t work. You have a great website with lots of informative information. I will keep on checking back to see if anything as good as the Roulette Assault software is ever released.

Best Regards,

Nathan Thomas

Dear Sir,

I recently came across your site and I see that you do very detailed reviews of most of the roulette systems available online. I have also tried most of these systems and I was just wondering if you had tested a piece of software called ‘Roulette Assault Winning Roulette Software’ because it is by far the best system I have ever used for beating roulette.

I purchased the software about two months ago and it has changed my life. It has helped me win over $3,000 and counting.

The software is quite frankly brilliant and it is so simple to use I believe anyone could use it. The Roulette Assault site also has live support so if you were to get stuck they would be happy to help you out.

I would recommend that you test this software because I feel it should definitely be in your reviews, especially if it can help others win as much as I have.

Kindest regards,

Hannah Jones

Hello there!

I would like to thank you so much for helping me to make over $1000 last week. I purchased the roulette software Roulette Assault after reading your reviews and WOW man it really does work as well as everyone is saying.

I have sent an email to support at Roulette Assault to thank them to, but I wouldn’t have bought the software without reading your review of the software, so thank you so much.

If this keeps up then I’m going to be able to save up for a new car and I’m only using the software for an hour a day.

I just never imagined there would be something this good and I can’t believe the casinos haven’t banned it or stopped it by now.

Thank you again for your advice. Your site rocks!


With such powerful evidence that Roulette Assault works, it is easy to see why it is voted the #1 winning roulette software across the internet.

We hope this review has been useful to you. If you have tried any roulette systems that you would like us to test then please feel free to contact us via

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make money from rouletteHi WRS, cheers for the superb recommendations and information. The free eBooks and Roulette Systems I received after signing up to your subscriber list were immense! I would have happily paid good money for information like this.

Ben from Cardiff

how to earn extra money. Hey Guys, thanks for everything. Putting me in the direction of Roulette Assault was one of the best bits of advice I've ever received! I earnt $150 in the first 24 hours of using their software and I have been winning nicely ever since. As a student, this has proved extremely helpful as you can imagine! I've been able to live very comfortably at University and if it carries on, I could leave virtually debt-free.

Alex from Warwick

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