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Roulette is a great game to play. Itís very easy to learn how to play but before you can play it, you should know all the different bets you can place. These bets are broken into two main categories: inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets are the bets that donít have good odds but they payout very well. The inside bets are straight bets (single number bets), split bets (betting on two numbers that adjoin each other), street bets (betting on three numbers in the same horizontal line), corner or square bet (betting on four numbers that are in a square), and a sixline bet (betting on two adjoining streets).

The outside bets have a higher probability of happening but a lower payout. The outside bets include even money bets (any bet on a group of 18 numbers), group bets (any bet on the first, second, or third group of 12 numbers), and a column bet (a bet on any of the 12 spaces on one of the three vertical lines).

The payout for each of the roulette bets is directly in line with the probability of that bet occurring. For example, for a single number bet has a payout of 35:1. A corner bet has a payout of 8:1. Meanwhile, the probability for a single number bet is 37 to 1 while the probability of a corner bet is 8.5 to 1.

A couple other examples also have a payout and probability that are very close to each other. A bet on any color (red or black) has a payout of 1:1. A bet on any column has a payout of 2:1. Meanwhile, the odds of either red or black happening are 1.111 to 1 and the odds of a column bet paying off is 2.167 to 1.

Roulette is a lot of fun and itís also easy to learn how to play. However, itís important to know the different kinds of roulette bets you can place when youíre playing the game of roulette. If you know what bet you can place and you know the odds of that bet occurring, you will have a better chance of winning roulette.

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