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Money management in roulette is essential whenever you invest or spend money. With gambling this is more so and it's more important than having knowledge of the game. If you are a rookie when it comes to casinos then all you need to know is that managing your money on gaming tables is the way in which the possibility of you losing can be reduced. This can be obtained if the player understands all of the possible odds of the numbers etc that is played.
In roulette like many of you will know, the roulette wheel consists of 38 numbers, 18 are red, 18 are black and 2 are green. If any roulette player wants to get the best possible chance of winning the game, then they need the odds in their favour. I.e. betting on black, red or evens give the best odds.

If you are thinking of what the odds are of particular bets then what you need to do is divide 18 black or red or odd and even numbers with the total numbers that are present on the roulette wheel. If you are wondering what odds are then you need to know that when you divide 18 black or red or odd and even numbers with total numbers present on the roulette wheel, you will get a percentage of 47.36% and this will be your chance of winning on any one spin of the wheel.
You are probably thinking well what has this got to do with money management? The answer is simple! Basically on average, for every 100 spins of the roulette wheel you will just win 47 of those spins. So if you were planning to place a bet of 10 dollars on every spin you will eventually be on the negative side because you will be winning 47 times for a profit of 470 dollars and losing 53 times for 530 dollars. So finally your loss would be 60 dollars.

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