Roulette Myths

Roulette by many is considered to be one of the most simple and exciting games that does not require any special skill to play. Due to the increasing popularity of the game there are several myths that are constantly being associated with the game of roulette. It is these people with such myths that are considerably bringing down their chances of winning huge profits.
Some of the roulette myths that should not be listened to are:-

All Roulette Wheels are Similar:

Lots of roulette player do indeed state that there is no difference in roulette wheels. This is strictly not the case because like mentioned earlier, the European roulette wheel is the best roulette table to play on because compared with the American roulette wheel the chances for success are a lot better!

According to many roulette players, there is no difference in roulette wheels. This is not true, for instance, the European wheel is the best for playing because as compared to the American wheel the odds of success for a player in this are better. The European wheel has 37 slots and not 38, which means that the house advantage will be only 2.70%, whereas on American wheel the house advantage would be 5.25% on each bet. For this reason it is better to get the odds in your favour from the very beginning, by playing on the European wheels.

Every Roulette Wheel Spin is not Random:

This particular myth is the most common myth associated with roulette. Many players believve that the previous spins will affect the next spin. According to them if the ball has fallen 10 times consecutively on red, black will have high chances in the next turn, which is not true at all. The truth is that the odds remain 50%-50% and it will be similar even if the ball would have fallen on red 100 times!

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