Roulette table odds

Roulette is one of the most popular games played in casinos today. The roulette table game has a mechanical wheel that has numbered pockets from 0 to 36-100, as per the American Roulette Style. The Roulette bets are placed on the game layout. This is an area of the table, which has been marked with separate boxes that have individual numbers. One can place bets on any number, a dozen bets or a column or any 4 adjacent numbers. The wheel acts as a major decisive factor for the end result of a Roulette game.

Single zero roulette wheels are usually found outside US and online. The odds on single zero tables for single number change from 1/38 to 1/37. Standard U.S. casinos usually have these tables in high roller rooms. A game of roulette can be played using two basic steps: -

1. Decide numbers or groups of numbers you wish to bet on and select a table. One can place chips on the borders of two or more numbers or even individual numbers. While playing online, you can remove or decrease a bet by right clicking on chip pile.

2. After placing the bet, spin the wheel to start the game. After placing the bets on the table, the wheel spins, releasing a small ball on the wheel in the other direction of the spinning wheel. Eventually the ball gradually slows down and then stops in any one of the numbered pockets on the wheel. You are a winner if the ball lands on a number you have placed a bet on. The following are the table odds, featuring how much each is worth.  Players can place more than one bet per game. The odds on the table are:

Straight Bets - Single number bet with 35:1odds
Split Bet - Two adjacent numbers bet with 17:1 odds
Street Bet - Bet on any three numbers in a row with 11:1 odds
Square Bet - Bet on a block of four numbers with 8:1odds
Line Bet - Bet on six numbers of two adjoining rows with 5:1 odds
Column Bet - Bet on any one of the three vertical columns with 2:1 odds
Dozen Bet - Bet on twelve numbers - either low, middle or high with odds of 2:1
Even-Money Bet - Bet on eighteen numbers - high or low, odd or even, black or red with 1:1 odds

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